To ask for help or support on the way

I can be a real do-it-my-selfer.

But I’ve learned that if I ask for help, I always get it. Sometimes I don’t even have to ask for help or support, I just express my frustration or feeling low or disorientated, and support will show up.

Then accepting the support, always makes me see new ways of doing things, new paths that I didn’t see before. I discover strengths I didn’t know I had.

Once you’ve expanded

Once you’ve expanded it is difficult to get into that old, small suit again.

When you start living a bigger, richer and more fulfilling life, it is difficult to go back into living like you used to do.

That is what happened when I started to have my own time again, working less as employed, taking time out, taking less work as a private consultant.

I found it very difficult to imagine going back to what I’ve left.

To stay on track

How do you stay on track once you decided where to go?

For me, it is a big help to write the map out on paper. With my energy, drawings and handwriting. For others, digital versions of the map is better.

The important thing is to have the map accessible, because we will all have times when we don’t remember the map off by heart. We will have times when we don’t even remember where we set out to head for.