Contrasts sharpen us

When I experience turmoil, I wish for peace and calmness. When I loose a relationship, I appreciate the ones I have even more. The light is never as longed for, as in the darkest hours.

As soon as I experience something I don’t want, it takes me closer to what I do want. If I choose to be observant and alert, and see it that way.

When I’m in the midst of things I don’t want,

Deliberate creation

Since I started to take and put holy time to myself in the calendar, it’s almost impossible to go back to how it used to be.

Remember the post about a dress too small to go back to?

2016-01-20 10.36.11

I feel this week I haven’t had those time slots where I sharpen the saw/oil the machinary/take care of me, and I’m so longing to have them, I can really feel the non-being-in-my-best-balance,

Everything vibrates

It can sometimes be difficult to understand this thing about that everything is vibrating and that everything is energy that vibrates in different ways and different speeds.

The good news are that we don’t need to understand in order to reap the benefits of all these vibrations and what they add to our lives. I don’t need to understand in detail how it comes I can talk to my phone (that I visually can’t see is attached to anything) which is in Sweden and someone in Canada can hear what I say.