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Öppet hjärta Tomma händer: Öppet-hjärta-tomma-händer-illustratör-Erika-Teljing-300x300



Heart Dreaming Publishing




Öppet hjärta Tomma händer is a book with my reflecting thoughts in the form of poems and diary notes that I wrote to find strength and to channel my emotions, when I woke up from the narcosis hearing the words “Congratulations, you have had a baby boy, but he will not survive the night.”

The book is reflecting on a time with intense presence, where deep sorrow and despair lived side to side with the greatest strength and endless love.

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Att vara människa can be pre ordered now at the publishing company :framsidaAttVara

Heart Dreaming Publishing


Att vara människa, To be a human being, is a book about what you can do when feeling low or down, even thought youhave everything you need. What does the psychologist (I) do when she feels like that?

Is there a diffrence between people and people or is it that we are all human beings with our ups and downs in how we feel? And we can actually do things ourselves, to feel better.

We all want to feel good.

I hope the book can inspire people just like you and me, who have all we need but still feel down sometimes, to become more conscious about what we do and can do, to feel even better.