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Äntligen. Slutmanus skickat.

Min andra bok Att vara människa har växt och blivit Konsten att vara människa. Det är så spännande att nu få se hur lay out och omslag växer fram, för att sedan få skicka boken till tryckeriet!

A letter came

I got a letter that brought me to tears of appreciation. A woman who had been given my book Öppet hjärta Tomma händer for christmas present, experienced that “something existentially touching” came to her, in the midst of christmas eve.

The letter is like poetry. “That some pages just contains a few words is considerate, as a reader you need to rest the soul before it’s possible to go on in the text and the experience.”

Psychologist and author

Psychologist and author. Author and psychologist.

I wrote this every week in my diary, during the whole spring and summer. Sometimes it was difficult, sometimes easy. Sometimes it was easier to write psychologist first, and then kind of author came along at the end. Sometimes I felt author must be first and psychologist could come at the end.

And these were only two of my roles,

To write

I’m writing to put thoughts into physical form.

It’s like getting a hold of a cloud, paint it, and it has become something diffrent even before I lift my pen from the paper.

To write helps me to distance myself from my thoughts, emotions, roles, identities. A gap is created, a gap that gives room for observation.

I love observing. Observing myself, others, a bumle bee, the waves, the sky.