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Sista dagen på året

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Ibland känns det lättare att tänka i cykler och ordna sin tillvaro i en likadan ordning som de flesta andra, det vill säga, dagar, veckor, månader och år. Jag tycker att det är ganska praktiskt. Även om jag förstår,

Rest and activity

I tend to have periods of 5-6 months of activity where people around me are wondering how on earth I get to spin all the wheels in my life.

But I don’t spin wheels all the time during that period. I also rest. I sleep. I take time off.  I do things slowly. Sometimes very slowly. Sometimes fast.

And every 5 or 6 months, I tend to need a really big time off.

Walking on ice

Today I decided I would walk in the woods, well aware of that the former skiing tracks I walk on the side of, would have turned into slippery ice during the mild weekend.

I thought it would be a good mindfulness exercise anyway, which it always is, cycling or walking on ice or packed snow. We northerners know.

During the walk, I noticed I sometimes let go of the presence and the awareness,