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Våga förlora balansen en stund

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En vän berättade häromdagen om hennes drömmar om att falla. Vännen är terapeut och har också intresse i att se hur drömmar kan utveckla oss. Hon funderade över den klassiska tolkningen av “att falla”, och kände inte riktigt igen sig.

Deliberate creation

Since I started to take and put holy time to myself in the calendar, it’s almost impossible to go back to how it used to be.

Remember the post about a dress too small to go back to?

2016-01-20 10.36.11

I feel this week I haven’t had those time slots where I sharpen the saw/oil the machinary/take care of me, and I’m so longing to have them, I can really feel the non-being-in-my-best-balance,


Now in the beginning of the year I appreciate going back to the everyday routines, or taking on new ones, after a period of time off routines. I feel the same every August, coming back to routines after the summer vacation and time being off routines.

As wonderful as I find it going on vacation, having time off routines, without any schedules or time frames to adjust to, I find it equally wonderful going back to,

We all need something to do

Do you know what happens if we find a squirrel’s winter storage and fill it up with nuts and other yummy squirrel food, enough to last for years?

Well we could think that the squirrel lie down to start chewing on the new goodies in the storage and realise that it doesn’t need to work for years ahead.

But no, the squirrel continues to work on, every day, collecting food, eating,