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Listen to wise mind

I see it as there are two kinds of voices we listen to.

One is the wise, calm voice from within, the one who always whispers “all is well”, even though it looks like it is not. As adults we hear it whisper that we are good enough, that who we are is OK or even good. When we were children, most of us heard it really loud and we just knew it was very true! Yes I am good at this! Oh it is so much fun to learn new skills! I’m learning, I’m learning! Look at me, I know how to now! Look at me with my shiny shoes and my new dress, can you see I am a queen! (No question mark!)

2016-01-20 10.31.30

The other voice it might seem like it comes from within, but it is not. It is just one of them clouds floating by, created from mind being afraid of something, created from fear. It is judgmental, anxious, screams or whispers about all the things that could go wrong, everything we are not good enough with, everything that’s wrong with us or others.

It could seem that there is a third voice chit-chatting about whatever, not being either negative or positive. If we look very close to that kind of talk, it’s still leaning more or less to one of the two above. The difference might be, it is not as strong in energy, so it seems pretty neutral. Sometimes the chit-catting about whatever is just a mild way of covering up anxiety or even to make us stay away from feeling, away from our emotional awareness, our inner compass. And then it keeps us from hearing that voice with in that might want to tell us something about what is important to us.

In stillness, where the chit-chatting mind quietens, is where we can hear our inner voice that always says the truth, always is loving and always feels good to hear. It knows all is well.

Sometimes we hear the inner wise voice, but then fearful mind jumps in with all sorts of questioning and judging and we feel all confused having just heard the truth, but not knowing how to live it, how to get there, how to keep on believing it, as the mind came in so fast from the side, telling us in a much louder voice, what is not possible, what is missing, where all the inadequacies are.

So we muddle up what we’ve heard from where, and don’t take action on what we heard from wise mind and what we know is true.

2 Responses
  • Siv
    February 24, 2016

    Det är ju dethär vi borde lära alla barn! Att lyssna på den inre, visa rösten.. Att ha ett sådant självförtroende att de, då de får höra kritik, glåpord mm, inte lyssnar på detta, utan på sin inre visdom..
    Vad gör vi med de barn, som redan då de stiger över tröskeln till skolan, har ett uselt självförtroende o knappt nån självkänsla..
    Funderar ibland, att vi lär o lär o lär i skolorna, skriver nya läroplaner för att uppnå ännu nättre Pisa-resultat, men det allra viktigaste glömmer vi bort.. Att lära om l i v e t .. Om att leva o allt som där tillkommer o hör..
    Är det för att vi själva, som lärare, inte vågar.. Att det är för berörande o svårt?
    Försöker leva så, att de unga elever jag har, lär om livet, inte bara som man brukar säga då det gäller undervisningen , “Lära för livet”.. Även “Lära OM livet”…
    Kram, Siv

    • mariehelena
      February 24, 2016

      Vad fint Siv!
      Jag tror att de elever som möter någon som dig, någon som vet att det finns en vis röst i varje barn, och att det alltid är den som är det viktiga, kommer att kunna höra sin inre visdom lite starkare. Då har det där fröet fått näring, och även om vi inte alltid ser ett resultat just då, så har fröet eller den unga plantan, fått lite bättre förutsättningar! Tack Siv!

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