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Rest and activity

I tend to have periods of 5-6 months of activity where people around me are wondering how on earth I get to spin all the wheels in my life.

But I don’t spin wheels all the time during that period. I also rest. I sleep. I take time off.  I do things slowly. Sometimes very slowly. Sometimes fast.

And every 5 or 6 months, I tend to need a really big time off. Vacation. Rest. Just being. No doing. Almost no doing.

And one could say “isn’t it better to spread out the grace over the year so there is a more even pace, where the every six months period break is not so crucial?”

Maybe for some. For me it works well like this. I like it. Right now at least.

It is the same as activity and rest in smaller things like for example gardening, which I love.

Someone could watch me doing a full day’s work and tell me that my fingers and hands will ache tomorrow.

I would probably say “Oh that is ok. I enjoy what I’m doing even if it is hard work. And tomorrow and the day after, it is ok if my fingers and hands ache a little. I can rest them then, and the pain will not be of any harm.”

Rest and activity. Find the pace that works for you. It is OK. The waves of the sea also have their ups and downs, their activity and rest.

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