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Deliberate creation

Since I started to take and put holy time to myself in the calendar, it’s almost impossible to go back to how it used to be.

Remember the post about a dress too small to go back to?

2016-01-20 10.36.11

I feel this week I haven’t had those time slots where I sharpen the saw/oil the machinary/take care of me, and I’m so longing to have them, I can really feel the non-being-in-my-best-balance, even though I’m completely “fine”.

And then I think back to the years I had with no scheduled me-time at all, and it feels like death just the thought of having to go back to something like that? How did I breath? Where did I get oxygen from, I wonder?

Also being completely aware of that I then felt and thought I was fine, and even very well, most of the time. (Maybe thought was primary to feel at the time, is my guess.)

It so makes me appreciate the small and big steps I’ve taken along the way, to where I am now.

I’ve had a mantra for years, that I would love to work less hours and earn more money.
Not having a clue how it would happen.

And now, here I am! ?Working less hours, earning more money.

Still longing for the days I’ll feel completely free to do whatever the whole week, earning more than ever!

The perfect point of creation, feeling appreciation for what I am, what I have and where I am, and still with a tremendous eager for all the good that is yet to come!

What do you want? Wanting is the beginning of all deliberate creation.

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