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What do I really want?

When I’ve found out what I really want in life, everything else will fall into place…

How do I find out what I really, really want?

We are hunting for the answers to the big wanting, as in “how do I know what I really, really want?!” (As the huge question about what I want in life)

We then easily miss that we already know a lot of our wants, in smaller stuff as in everyday decisions.

Do I know which shoes I want to wear right now? Do I want to have a coffee or not? Do I like this or not?

Those small every day decisions, where we express our wanting, is also about our wants.

Just that they are often more easily accessible. They make it easier to see our wants, our preferences, the choices we make.

And with being clear about what we want in those “smaller” things, we gain momentum and we train our wanting, which will help us in the huge questions about our wantings of our lives.

And further more, it is the small every day decisions about our everyday wantings, that create life anyway. The small things will make up your life anyway.

So start with noticing your small every day wantings. Your every day decisions. Acknowledge them as equally important as any other wanting. When you see all of these expressions of your wantings and you gain momentum in being more and more specific in what you want and don’t want, you will also notice that you are much closer to what you want in life.


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